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Not sure what to do for your best friend's last hurrah? The Pocono Mountains are the perfect place - and KLG Weddings & Events are the perfect people to help you plan every detail.

frequently asked questions

i want to be involved in the planning of my event, why should i hire a planner to do it for me?

You can, and will, absolutely still be involved in the planning! I don't believe in the totally hands-off approach - there's just too many different tastes and preferences out there and I want to make sure this wedding 100% reflects you! You will be involved every step of the way - HOW involved can certainly vary, however nothing will be booked on your behalf without your approval. We have worked with so many vendors, in the Poconos and way beyond, so we are an amazing resource when it comes to booking the best. 

my venue has a coordinator already, why should i hire one?

Speaking as someone who used to be a venue coordinator, you absolutely still need a coordinator. At the end of the day, that coordinator is employed and responsible by and for the venue only. If the venue isn't providing it for you, they don't usually worry about it or assist with it at all. The venue coordinator won't create a timeline for you, confirm all your vendors and share that timeline with them, or do a number of other things that are provided in our Month Of Coordination package. You need someone there who cares about and is responsible for the event as a whole, every detail, not just one aspect.

what is the difference between full and partial planning?

There are a few differences between full & partial - first being how far along you are in the planning process. Generally, our Full Planning clients have nothing booked yet, and our Partial Planning clients have at least their Venue booked & possibly 1 or 2 other major vendors (DJ, Photographer, etc.). With that said, we usually work with our Full Planning clients anywhere from 18 - 24 months and our Partial Planning clients about 8 - 12 months.

who will be there on the wedding day?

Month-Of Coordination package is entitled to one coordinator. For Partial & Planning packages, two members of our team will be there on your wedding day. Almost always, Keira is on-site for planning clients and month-of clients. Should both of those fall on the same day, Keira will be onsite for the planning client and another lead coordinator will take the other wedding. The quality of service will be exactly the same no matter what!

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